Additional Math Topics To Help You In Homework (Across Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus etc.)  
We regularly get requests from our students for additional explanations on specific math topics. Here are these additional math topics. If you have any specific math problems you are unable to solve, just post them on our forum (click on the Forum link above).
Additional Math Topics
Elimination Method By Equating Coefficients
Similar Triangles
Quadratic Equation
Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
Elimination By Substitution Method
Determining Nature of Roots
Quadratic Equation: Factorization Method
Rational Expressions: Addition
Factorization and Factor Theorem
Arithmetic Progression: Sum of Finite Numbers
Trigonometric Ratio: Proving the Identities
Distance Between Two Points
Conversion of Solids
Arithmetic Mean of Individual Observations
Angle of Elevation and Depression
Trigonometric Ratios
Coordinate Geometry: Determination of Section Ratio
Probability: Examples
Solution Of problems Involving Quadratic Equation
Sphere: Surface Area and Volume
Tangent of a Circle
Quadratic Equation Determining an Unknown When Roots are given
Rational Expression
Arithmetic Progression
System of Simultaneous Linear Equations
Circle: Tangent
Similar Triangles(Angles are Congurent)
Mean of Finite Numbers
Trigonometric Ratio: Example
Circle: Chord
Greatest Common Divisor
Grouped Data Arithmetic Mean
Circle: Example
Fractional Exponents
Quadratic Equations: Nature of Roots
Factoring Quadratic Equations
Cuboid: Example
Cyclic Quadrilateral
Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions
Circle: Tangent Example
Surface Area of Cube
Application of Section Formula
Similar Triangle: Pythagoras Theorem
Trigonometric Ratios in terms of the value of one of them
Chord and Segment Of A Circle
Systems of Linear Equations: Elimination Method
Similar Triangle: Proportionality Theorem
Time and Distance
Properties of Arithmetic Mean
Volume of Cone and Sphere
Sum of n terms of AP
Problems based on Area
Multiplication of Rational Expressions
Probability: Favourable Elementry Events
Rectangle Formed by two Chords
Chord of a Circle: Example
Quadratic Equations: Solution of Problems
GCD of Polynomial
Linear Equation In Two Variables
Problems Based on Distance Formula
Determining Unknown Vertex
Trigonometric Ratios of Particular Angles
Division of Rational Expressions
Linear Equation Conditions for Consistency
nth term of an AP
Largest Common Factor
Right Circular Cone
Determining the values of Trigonometric Ratios
Right Circular Cylinder
Cyclic Quadrilateral
Area of Two Similar Triangles
Applications to Word Problems
Frustum of Cone
Problems based on Time Distance and Speed
Angles in The Alternate Segments
Trigonometric Identity Examples
Combination of Solids
Concentric Circles
Angle at the Centre
Compound Interest
Finding the values of Trigonometric Ratios
Internal Bisector of an angle of a triangle
Inequalities in Algebra
System of Linear Equations Having No Solution
Geometry Hemisphere
Slope Intercept Form
Pythagoras Theorem Example
Characteristic Properties of Similarity
Pythagoras Theorem
Problems on Age
Word Problems of Linear Equations
Determine whether an Equation is Identity or not
Heights and Distances
Rational Expressions in Lowest terms
Similar Triangles and Angles Side Relationship
Selection of Terms In an AP
Common Tangents of Two Circles
Solving a System of Equations
Angles In Alternate Segments
Area of Two Similar Triangle
Linear Equation Miscellaneous Problem
Spherical Shell
Solving Trigonometric Equations
Instalment Buying
Right Circular Hollow Cylinder
Relationship between h.c.f. and l.c.m
Quadratic Problem on Time and Work
Equal Chords of a Circle
Complementary Angles
Linear Equations Problems on Ages
Tangents to a Circle Theorem
Problems on frustum of a Cone
Mensuration Miscellaneous Example
Quadratic Equations Miscellaneous Problem
Determine whether a Sequence is an AP or not
Internal and External bisector of an Angle of a Triangle
Converse of Basic Proportionality Theorem
Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem
Geometric Construction Triangle with base vertical angle altitude given
Geometric Construction Triangle with base vertical angle given
Slope Equation
Similarity and Congruence
Trigonometric Periodic Functions
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