Online Course in Algebra II  
Here are the samples of lessons from our course in Algebra II. These samples will play only the instruction for any given section. The preview will not have access to other premium features such as interactive question-answers, quizzes and your personal progress tracker.
Algebra II
Lesson 1: Systems of Equations
Solving systems of equations in two variables by substitution and equating the coefficients
Solving systems of equations in three variables by substitution
Lesson 2: Polynomial operations
Addition and subtraction of polynomials
Multiplication of polynomials
Polynomial long division
Lesson 3: Quadratic functions
Identify perfect square trinomials
Solve quadratic equations by factoring
Graphing quadratic equations
Lesson 4: Square roots and radicals
Simplifying square roots and radicals
Addition and Subtraction of square roots and radicals
Multiplication of square roots and radicals
Dividing square roots and radicals
Solving radical equations
Lesson 5: Quadratic formula
Solving Quadratic Equations using the Quadratic Formula
Finding a Quadratic Equation given the roots
Lesson 6: Complex Numbers
Imaginary Unit
Plotting complex numbers on a 2D plane
Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers
Multiply and Divide the complex numbers
Classification of roots using the discriminant
Solving quadratic equation with imaginary roots
Lesson 7: Conic Sections
Completing the square
Graphing the equation of a circle
Graphing the equation of a parabola
Graphing the equation of a hyperbola
Calculating the asymptotes
Conic sections and special points
Lesson 8: Logarithms
Solving logarithmic equations
Evaluate value of a logarithmic expression
The laws of logarithm
Solving assorted equations using logarithms
Natural logarithm
Convert logarithmic expression from one base to another
Is Logarithmic statement sometimes, always or never true
Lesson 9: Exponential Functions
Exponential Word Problems
Word Problems-Exponential Growth
Lesson 10: Fractional Exponents
Getting Started - Identities and Properties
Evaluating numbers raised to fractional exponents
Simplifying expressions with exponents
Solving equations involving fractional exponents
Lesson 11: Logical Arguments
Algebriac statement sometime, always or never true
Lesson 12: Counting and Probability
Computing combinations and permutations
Combinations and permutations to compute probability
Lesson 13: Binomial Theorem
Evaluating higher powers of a monomil using Binomial Theorem
Lesson 14: Sequence and Series
Understanding sequence and series
Evaluating a finite arithmetic series
Finite geometric series
Summation formulae for finite and infinite geometric series
Lesson 15: Function Theory
Composite functions
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