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Amsco's Integrated Algebra I Online Tutor
Comes with a Grade Improvement Guarantee

Used by over 5,000 students every month. Recommended by teachers
Annual plan: $30.00/year
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Take unlimited Integrated Algebra I tutorials online for only $30.00/year. It gets you unlimited access to over 100 Integrated Algebra I video lessons, over 650 practice problems, 16 self tests, teacher’s class notes, and unlimited homework help. Check our customer testimonials to see what other parents and students are saying about our tutorials.
Annual plan: $30.00/year
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Want to know more details about our course? Here are all the good things it offers:
16 fundamental Algebra skills based on Amsco’s book on Integrated Algebra I
Well structured content based on a course outline that divides Integrated Algebra I into 16 chapters based on Amsco’s latest book on the subject.
Unique course structure
Course structure based on Winpossible’s proprietary SkillMatrix™ technology (patent pending), that helps students’ identify their areas of weakness and strengthen them.
Interactive online lessons, unlimited replay
Integrated lessons based on Winpossible’s proprietary ChalkTalk™ system (patent pending) – lessons include instructor’s presentation, practice questions, and quizzes, all explained in teacher’s voice and handwriting.
Question bank of over 650 Integrated Algebra I problems
Over 800 Integrated Algebra I problems developed by our experts that ensure thorough understanding of each concept
Interactive solutions to problems, unlimited replay
Solution to all questions explained in the instructor’s handwriting and voice
Ability to keep track of progress - available for parents also
Detailed lesson by lesson view of the student’s progress at any given point in time
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