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Why Winpossible Is Good For Students As Well As Parents Go Back
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3 free classes with practice questions and quizzes
    Winpossible is about eliminating pain from the learning process. It is about getting back to the basics. And building on top of them. Whether your child goes to a public school, private school, or is getting homeschooled, Our online courses offer strong benefits to the student as well as for you, the parent:  
What Winpossible’s online courses do for the student
1. Build basics as well as cover advanced topics in all areas of high-school math in an interactive fashion – with instruction, practice questions and quizzes
2. Replicate classroom environment – the students hear the instructors and see them write in their handwriting on the screen
3. Follow a rigorous structure - help identify a student’s areas of weakness and focus on them
4. Offer unlimited replay for revising concepts and understanding solutions
5. Let the students learn at their own pace – encourage them to pause, replay things that they did not understand, eliminates risk to learning due to shyness
6. Let the student learn at times that are convenient for them, given their busy schedules
7. Let the student focus on the class – no distraction of notes taking, instructors’ notes will be available for all classes
8. Prepare the student for computer based learning and test taking, which is becoming a norm, AND
9. Offer a community which answers student’s questions right away
What Winpossible’s online courses do for the parent
1. Offer the ability to track a student’s progress in great detail – via your Winpossible account as well as emails (optional)
2. Provide a robust framework for at-home instruction, if your child is getting math instruction from you or a tutor
3. Reduce your worries about standardized tests such as SAT, state standardized tests etc. – prepare the student for all tests by building the basics as opposed to the patchwork approach where the student studies “in a crunch” a few weeks before the test
4. Eliminate the need to commute to drop off your child to tutoring centers / tutors’ locations
5. Offer high quality instruction at affordable prices
6. Do not lock you into a long term purchase – you can cancel any time you want, as you pay from month to month
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3 free classes with practice questions and quizzes Go Back
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