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What is Winpossible? Top
Winpossible is a new way for students to learn math while hearing the teachers’ voice and seeing their handwriting on the internet. Our courses help students identify their areas of weakness, and strengthen them through instruction, practice questions, quizzes, a detailed question bank, as well as solutions to all questions. We also offer an “instant answer” community, where students can post any questions and get answers quickly from other members of our community.
Why are Winpossible’s online courses unique? Top
Winpossible is all about learning math in a structured, and yet simple way. We go the extra mile to not confuse the student with too many “bells and whistles”. We focus on good quality, interactive content presented in a non-intimidating manner in teacher’s voice and handwriting. Our content is well organized, and our technology allows the accurate diagnosis of areas of weakness for any given student. In order to further strengthen these weak areas, the student can revise the instruction in those areas, as well as solve additional problems. Further, our course content can be repeated any number of times, and at any time. Hopefully this gives you a flavor of how we are unique. We offer strong benefits to everyone involved in math education –  studentsparents, as well as teachers.
How do Winpossible’s online courses work? Top
Our online math courses allow students to hear our instructors’ voices as well as see their handwriting. Each course is divided into well defined lessons, each of which has instruction, practice questions, and end-of-class quiz. Solution to each of the practice questions and quiz questions is explained by the instructor, again in their handwriting. All you need to take our online courses is an internet connection. If you have any questions about our courses, just send us an email at .
What are the fees for Winpossible’s online courses? Top
If you are interested, you can get a free trial for the first three sessions of any of our online courses. No credit card or payment info is needed to register for the free trial. Those who decide to enroll for our courses after the free trial incur a monthly fee. The monthly fees vary from course to course – typically the fees for each of courses is in the $30-50/month range for unlimited 24 X 7 access.
How can I get a free trial of any of your online courses? Top
Click here to get a free trial.
How can I enroll for any of your online courses? Top
Click here to enroll for any of our courses.
Is there a schedule that needs to be followed for attending any of Winpossible’s courses? Top
There is no set schedule for our courses. The pace at which a student goes through our content is entirely up to the student, and his/her parents and/or teachers. However, our recommendation is to cover one-two lessons per week, which gives a manageable pace to the course, and ensures the student is not overwhelmed. It is a good idea to set a weekly schedule ahead of time in order to ensure the timely completion of the course.
Can I see a demo of Winpossible’s courses? Top
Click here to see a demo of how our courses run.
I am a parent. Why should I enroll my child for one of Winpossible’s courses? Top
There are many benefits that Winpossible’s courses offer to your child as well as you. Click here to see them.
I am a student. What can I use Winpossible for? Top
As a student, you can use Winpossible for:
1. Taking interactive online courses in various areas of high school math
2. Getting other members of the Winpossible community to give quick answers to any questions that you have
3. Answering questions that others submit on Winpossible
4. Creating your own online groups and inviting your friends or others to join them. The groups could be for anything from a class course that you are taking to an exam that you are preparing for, and you can pop up questions within your own groups also .
I am a student. Why should I enroll for Winpossible’s online courses? Top
There are many reasons that students love Winpossible’s courses. Click here to see them.
What’s so special about Winpossible’s “Instant Answer” community? Top
Students can use our “Instant Answers” community to get quick responses to their questions, whether they are homework problems or questions in any other area. We realized that the forums on the internet have a big problem- you post your question, and then just wait, hoping that someone will answer it. In a few hours or a day or two, someone comes and answers your question (if you are lucky). Our community is different. We try to get you an immediate answer by requesting other community members to answer your question right away through the use of instant messaging. As soon as you submit a question, we pop it up on multiple students’ screens, and one or more of them answers your question real soon.
I am a student. Why should I answer others’ questions in Winpossible’s “Instant Answer” community? Top
Well, two good reasons:
1. Studies have shown that those students who try to help other students improve their own academic performance
2. If you are expecting to get free (and quick) answers to your questions, should you not be answering questions from others like you?! ;-)
Do I absolutely need Skype to use Winpossible’s “Instant Answers” community? Top
Not really. Even if you don’t have skype, you can still post questions on Winpossible. Skype is helpful if you want to answers others’ questions, as it is used in popping up questions to our community members.
What is Skype? Top
Skype is a free internet based instant messaging and calling service. If you do not already have it, go to to download it. It works like a charm!
I am a teacher / educator. Is Winpossible relevant to me? Top
Yes - Winpossible’s content brings numerous benefits to teachers. Click here to read them.
Your FAQs have not answered my question. What do I do? Top
Just email us your question at
Initial description about both Credit card and PayPal option. Top
PayPal is a third party payment service which accepts debit and credit cards along with checks. You have an account with them to withdraw funds from your bank account, or credit cards to pay for goods to people, or retailers that accept it. Although you must sign up with them, and give them info just as you did with your bank, it is very safe, you pay no fee, and insures the highest level of security.

If you use PayPal to pay any company that accepts it you are assured also that the company never has your information on file, For those who dislike sending their information over the internet, PayPal gives them a safer way to do this besides calling us direct. You can go to PayPal, and decide for yourself at

Is it safe to use my credit card to your site? Top
Our payment processor is one of the largest credit card processor company in the world.

We use highest security system 128 bit SSL. Neither we nor our credit card processor record your card information. When you enter your card # and information, it’s directly goes to the banking gateway for verification thus we have no information of your card.

Its secure, its reliable, its fast and honest.

What credit cards do you accept? Top
We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master card, American Express card, Discover.
What will appear in my credit card statement? Top
WINPOSSI will appear on your card statement.
How the payment process works for credit card and PayPal email account? Top
  • Credit card option: If you choose payment option “Credit card”, you shall asked to give your credit card information and payment to be made ‘for selected course(s)’ on Winpossible site.
  • PayPal option: If you choose option “PayPal”, you will be redirected to page reading at right top “payments by PayPal” for selected course(s). Go to “Billing Information”
    1. If you have your Paypal email account, you can choose option “Have a PayPal account?” OR If you want to pay using credit card then give your credit card details choosing the option “Don't have a PayPal account?” (In case it appears so). Based on it , your email account will be created by PayPal.
    2. Login to check out with PayPal by giving your email account details and password.
    3. PayPal will review your payment details. Click on “Pay” to make payment for the selected course(s). Then you will be automatically redirected to Winpossible site.
    4. If you pay through credit card for course(s), then you need to click manually on “Return to Merchant” link on your left bottom in the page which redirects to Winpossible site. In case you don’t click on this link, you may not be able to access the details of selected course(s).
    5. In case of successful payment, you will be able to access the course(s) paid for under ‘My Courses’ link.
Is PayPal PCI, Visa CISP, and MasterCard SDP certified? Top
PayPal meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) required by American Express, Visa U.S.A., MasterCard International, Discover.
How do I know if PayPal is a reliable, high-performance network? Top
PayPal transacted over $27 billion USD in 2005, making PayPal one of the largest online payment companies.
How will I know if an email regarding my PayPal business account is legitimate or a spoof? Top
PayPal will never ask you for personal or financial information in an email.

If you want to learn more about it, check with PayPal’s Identity Protection Resources.

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