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Grade 4 Math
Taught By A Virtual Friend
A Unique Approach for Teaching Younger Students
Everyone knew that math skills are critical for a young child today. Most also knew that good computer skills are becoming equally critical. Hence was born the idea of online math lessons. Many tried to create these math lessons. Lessons with problems and solutions and quizzes and animation… all the bells and whistles. But they forgot one thing – the lessons have to engage the child!
So when we set out creating our online math course for Grade 4 students, we set precisely that as our overarching objective, our holy grail if you will:
The lessons have to engage the child!
Research shows that most online courses are not able to hold the attention of young students because the courses are either too serious or too tedious. Realizing this, we have developed a special format for all courses in our Elementary School Series: all our courses, without exception, are taught to the students by Virtual Friends! These virtual friends are animated characters that teach your child while keeping the humor up, using their own unique special blackboard and their own voice!
But this is not too say that our courses do not have all the important things that your child needs. Here is what our Grade 4 Math course contains:
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Grade 4 Math skills.
    A course outline that matches the Grade 4 Math standards of all US states. Click here to see detailed course outline.
  • ChalkTalk™ based instruction
    Course structure based on Winpossible’s unique ChalkTalk™ technology which allows animated characters to become your child’s teachers!
  • Several hours of interactive online lessons, unlimited replay
    Lessons include instructor’s presentation, practice questions, and quizzes, all explained in teacher’s voice and handwriting.
  • Question bank of hundreds of Grade 4 Math problems
    Hundreds of problems developed by our experts that ensure thorough understanding of each concept
  • Interactive solutions, unlimited replay
    Solution to questions explained in the instructor’s handwriting and voice.
  • Ability to keep track of progress - available for parents also
    Detailed lesson by lesson view of the student’s progress at any given point in time
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