Trigonometry: Getting Started - Angles and Their Measures
This is a free lesson from our course in Trigonometry
This lesson explains the basic concepts of angle and different ways of measuring angles. Furthur you'll learn with the help of video and explanation by the instructor in own hand writing to solve the problems that involve angular measures. Than you'll explore the basic principles about the relationships between the area of a triangle and its interior angles. An angle is formed by two rays meeting at a common endpoint. The point where the rays meet is called 'vertex' of the angle and the amount or degree of counter-clockwise rotation of a ray about the vertex is called the angle measure. (More text below video...)
<h2> Trigonometry - Getting started - Angles and Their Measures</h2> <p> angle, measurement, video, rotation, measuring angles, points, end points, solution, example, union of two rays, endpoints, rays, vertex, degree, angle measure, practice questions, quizzes</p> <p> An angle is formed by two rays meeting at a common endpoint. The point where the rays meet is called vertex of the angle</p>
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(Continued from above) The sides of the angle are the two rays while the vertex is their common endpoint. You can put three letters which represent points. For example: In angle AOB, point O is the vertex of the angle. The first and third letters represent points on each of the rays that form one of the sides. The middle letter represents the vertex. Angles are measured in degrees. The number of degrees tell you how wide open the angle is. You can measure angles with a protractor.
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