Online Course in Math in Science  
Here are the samples of lessons from our course in Math in Science.
Math in Science
Lesson 1: Units and Measurement
Types of Unit Systems
Units-Types of Units
Working with units
Conversion from one unit to another
Lesson 2: Power of Ten
Power of Ten
Power of Ten in Normal Number Form
Convert From Power Form to Normal Number Form
Lesson 3: The Metric System
The Metric System
Creating New Units of Different Sizes
Lesson 4: Converting Metric Units into other Metric Units
Converting Metric Units into Another Metric Units
Writing Equivalents
Writing Equivalents with Whole Numbers
Creating Conversion Factor from Equivalent
Master Metric Equivalent and Conversion Factor
How to Convert Metric Units
How Numbers Behave When Multiplied or Divided by Positive Powers of Ten
To Convert Between Two Prefix Units
The Shortcut for Converting Metric Units
Lesson 5: Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation
Turn Regular Numbers into Scientific Notation
Writing Scientific Notation
To Convert to Scientific Notation From a Normal Number
To Convert From Scientific Notation to a Normal Number
When The Coefficient is Not Between 1 and 10
Lesson 6: Operations with numbers in Scientific Notations
Multiplying Numbers in Scientific Notation
Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation
Addition and Subtraction of Numbers in Scientific Notation
Lesson 7: Significant Figures
Significant Figures
Place Holder Zeroes
Significant Figures and Measurements
Determining Number of Significant Figures in Answer
Scientific Notation and Significant Figures
Significant Figures and Conversion Factors
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