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Into my calc, i plug in: sin^-1 {14 sin 35 degrees/10} . ...
by Dr.Robert
Into my calc, I plug in: sin^-1 {14 sin 35 degrees/10} . I get .93 instead of correct answer of some 53 degrees. I have tried it a dozen times.
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Steps to calculate the answer for the above expression are :

1.)Calculate the value of sin 35 which is .5735

2.)Multiply the value .5735 by 14 which is 8.030, divide the value 8.030 by 10 which is .0803

3.)Calculate the sin^-1(.0803) which will give you the desired answer which is 53.41 which is 53 approx .Sin^-1 can be calculated using the inverse key or the 2nd function key whichever is available on your calculator.

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by Winpossible
Sep 07, 10 11:03AM PST
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