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 Amsco Integrated Algebra I: Collecting Data
This is a free lesson from our course in Amsco's Integrated Algebra
This lesson covers statistics including some basic concepts of collecting data. Statistics is devoted to the collection, compilation, display, and interpretation of numerical data. The first step in doing a statistical study is usually to collect data selecting a representative sample. In a statistical study, data is collected, organized into tables or graphs, and analyzed to draw conclusions. Data can be qualitative or quantative. Quantitative data represents counts or measurements. Qualitative data represents categories or qualities. Data can be collected through written questionaires, an interview either in person or telephone, a log or diary etc. (More text below video...)
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(Continued from above) But it may not always be possible to find information about every person, object or situation so sampling is used. But the sampling must be fair or unbaised and must contain a reasonableness of items being tested or counted. For example: to determine which television programs are the most popular in a large city, to select/interview sample or cross section of people at random without bias (from the possible choices- a ball park, a concert hall, a supermarket), would probably be found outside a supermarket. The video above will explain in detail with the help of several examples.


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