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 Amsco Integrated Algebra I: Points, Lines, and Planes
This is a free lesson from our course in Amsco's Integrated Algebra
This lesson explains basic concepts of point, line, ray, plane, together with set and angle. These terms will be used in defining other terms. Although these terms are not formally defined or rather defined by usage in most geometries, but their meaning is accepted without definition and are referred to as undefined terms. A point indicates a place or position and has zero size i.e. it has no length, width or thickness. It is usually indicated by a dot and named with a capital letter. E.g. point A is represented as (• A). A line is a set of points. The set of points may form curved line, broken line or a straight line and it extends in opposite directions up to infinity. (More text below video...)
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(Continued from above) A line is a set of points. The set of points may form curved line, broken line or a straight line and it extends in opposite directions up to infinity. It is represented by,

A ray is a part of line that consists of a point on the line called an endpoint and all other points on one side of the endpoint. It is represented by,
An angle is a set of points that is the union of two rays having the same end points. It is represented by,
The common endpoint of the two rays is the vertex of the angle. The two rays forming the angle are also called the sides of the angle. A plane is a set of infinite points forming a connected flat surface and extending infinitely in all directions. Thus a plane has infinite length, width and is usually represented in drawings by a four-sided figure. A single capital letter is used to denote a plane. The word plane is written with the letter to avoid confusion with a point. The video above will explain in detail with the help of several examples

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