Geometry: Introduction - Perimeter and Circumference
This is a free lesson from our course in Geometry
This lesson introduces to the geometric shapes and how to find their Perimeter and Circumference. It also includes, Perimeter of Polygons and Real world application problems with solution. You’ll learn beginning with the meaning and concepts of the terms, the difference between perimeter and circumference. Included here are the ‘Real world application problems with solution’. The contents will be explained by the instructor in own handwriting and using video, with the help of several examples.
The contents covered in this lesson will be important in the study of geometry related applications and help you to solve the associated problems. The formulas learnt in this lesson will be dealt in more details later, however, learning and memorizing basics and associated formulas will help you to enhance the skills and improved math knowledge.
<h2> Geometry - Perimeter and Circumference</h2> <p> Introduction - Perimeter and Circumference</p> <p> Introduction - Perimeter and Circumference</p>
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