Geometry: Introduction - Polygons
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In this chapter you’ll explore about the polygons. The contents are designed to enhance the skills by way of learning the lesson in combination with interactive approach to practice problems with solutions. The acquired skills help you to solve the real-world problems calling use of polygons related knowledge i.e. shapes, angles, perimeter etc. The content presentation will be done by the instructor in own handwriting, using video and with the help of several examples with solution.
The word Polygon derives from the Greek word meaning ‘knee’ or ‘angle’. In Geometry, a polygon simply saying is a closed figure made by joining line segments, ending at the point at which they started, and not intersecting each other. One key point to note is that a polygon must have at least three sides. After having gone through the lessons ahead covering the classification, general rules of polygons, special types of polygons and their properties, you’ll find it much easy to understand.
<h2> Geometry - Introduction - Polygons</h2> <p> Introduction - Polygons</p> <p> Introduction - Polygons</p>
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